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Posted on 2022-11-25 Updated on 2023-05-23

How many YouTube views I can send per month?
Between 40k to 90k or maybe more if you have a super computer.

You can control the quantity through the Delay value, for example:

Delay = 60s (which’s the recommended value for normal computers) it will send a view each minute or 1,440 views per day.

Delay = 30s will send 2,880 views per day and so on.

You can also double or triple this number by running more than one instance at the same time, for example:

Delay = 30s will send (2,880 x 30) = 84,800 views per month, if you run two instances together, it will send 168,000 per month.

In this case, be aware about these two important notes:

Running more than one instance at the same time will double the usage or resources (RAM and CPU) so, don't use it unless you have a super computer.

In this example we said: It can send 168,000 per month (or even more) but that doesn't guarantee that you'll get 168,000 views on YouTube because that depends on the way you're using to send and whether or not you followed the rules of YouTube like the proxy repetition, for example:

You're sending a view each 30s but your proxy rotates every 60 seconds, in this case: you sent 2 views in one minute but YouTube will count one view only because the two views sent from the same IP.

Read more about Best Practices at this link

How to use YouTube View add-on?
Using this add-on is really too easy:

Simply: add video links, Analyse it the Start

1- Type your video link/s then click on Add button.

2- Click on Analyse Videos button.

3- Click Start Job button.
That's it. Nothing else.
This job will send views to selected videos directly, one view each 60 seconds.

You can make more customization, for example:

From “SE Referral” group: select any search engine you want: Google, Bing, Yahoo and DuckDuckGo to send refer the view from the selected SEs, for example:

If Bing is selected: the browser will open, search for the video, look it in the results page and click on it then continue the events on the video page.

In Settings tab: set the Delay value (send one view each x seconds) and the Visit Duration for a fixed or random values as it mentioned above.

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