How many visits I can send per day?

Posted on 2021-11-16 Updated on 2024-04-26

How many visits I can send per day with InMillion App (IMA)?

Short answer:

It is very difficult to answer this question in general because it depends on many different factors. Computer specs factor is only one of them but there are many more like: page data size and connection speed. It could be 3K, 10K or 20K visitors per day regardless your computer specs.

Another example: if your computer is able to send 5k visits to "", it could be able to generate only 2k for another one "" according to its contents (images, videos, scripts ...etc.). So, you're the only one who should answer this question and you'll know the answer once you read this article, keep reading please.

IMA uses a real Chrome or Edge browser to send the traffic or clicks. Everything happening or executed when you open your real Chrome browser, it will be exactly executed by IMA.

For each visit, it opens a separate Chrome browser and executes the events

Each visit will consume some resources of CPU and RAM (exactly like your own Chrome or Edge browser) which means that the total of visits per hour depends in the first place on the available resources of your PC, and also on the page size itself.

As just an example: sending a visit to could consume 5 times more resources than sending to, because Amazon has a lot of images to load and scripts to run whereas Wikipedia has only texts

So the answer of "how many visits?" is very difficult to answer, because it very much depends on the page size and your PC specs, and also on many other factors like: connection speed, with or without proxy, how many jobs are opened at the same time …etc.

How to control the total of visits?

The total visits per day is controlled by the Delay value, for example:

Delay = 20s will send 3 visits per minute => 4,320 per day

Delay = 10s => 6 per minute => 8,640 per day

Delay = 5s => 12 per minute => 17,280 per day and so on.

You can also run more than one instance (as much as you want), for example:

Running 3 instances at the same time (with Delay value = 5s) will send 51,840 visits per day (17,280 x 3) or 1,550,200 per month.

Is your computer able to load this big number of jobs? You’re the only one who knows more about its capability, the pages size you’ll send to and other factors..
Please noteThe more visits per hour, the more resources will be consumed

WT app is oriented to improve the quality, not quantity, especially when using the high quality options: Scroll, Clicks and Bounce Rate.

The quantity could be important for your website but what makes the difference is the visit's quality, however:

Some users could be interested to increase the number of impressions per hour, in this case disable the high quality options: Scroll, Clicks and Bounce Rate, this will reduce the usage of resources so you can increase the total visits per hour.

Anyway, if you're interested to send also large traffic quantities, you may take a look at Fast Hits Bot Add-on. Adding this optional add-on to your license will give your app the ability to send also large quantities. In this case, you’re able to send quality-visits and/or fast-visit

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