How to use YouTube Views

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Posted on 2022-11-25

How many YouTube views I can send per month?Between 40k to 90k or maybe more if you have a super computer. You can control the quantity through the Delay value, for example: Delay = 60s (which’s the recommended value for normal computers) it will send a view each minute or 1,440 views per day. Delay = 30s will send 2,880 views per day and s...

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SEO Campaigns & Keywords

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Posted on 2022-05-21

How to use SEO Campaign & Keywords?Introduction To understand this feature, let's first talk about how people typically visit websites. There are four main methods: Direct Visit: Typing the website's URL directly into the browser’s address bar. Social Networks/Blogs: Clicking on a link in a social media post or blog article. Email: Click...

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Click by Attribute

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Posted on 2022-04-16

How to send clicks to any page by using Click by Atrribute feature? IMA has three options to send clicks to any page:Click on Page: Clicks once randomly on the page.Random Clicks: Clicks randomly (x) times on (x) links into the page.Click by Attribute: Send clicks to unlimited items or elements (Button, Image, Link ...etc.) based on its attri...

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Traffic Quality

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Posted on 2021-12-21

We already know that most of us dislike reading 😉 but we advise you to read this article carefully to learn more about SEO improvement and how to apply these conditions to your website SEO.InMillion Web Traffic (WT) allows you to control anything you may need to adjust your website measurement values, from the Bounce Rate to session duration, ...

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How many visits I can send per day?

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Posted on 2021-11-16

How many visits I can send per day with InMillion App (IMA)?Short answer: It is very difficult to answer this question in general because it depends on many different factors. Computer specs factor is only one of them but there are many more like: page data size and connection speed. It could be 3K, 10K or 20K visitors per day regardless your...

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