Add optional web engines

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Posted on 2023-08-31

IMA comes with a Built-in web engine that relies on and works with your current Google Chrome version. You can also add any Chrome engine as an extra browser to send your traffic from. If you're a developer, you can implement your own browser from the open source Chromium page or use this ready-to-use one that is implemented from this source ...

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Posted on 2023-03-11

You can move your license to any new computer through your online account at any time even if you lost access to the old computer.Your online account will be created and sent to you automatically once you activate your purchase code.If you're a new premium user (this is the first time you buy our application), you will not be asked to authoris...

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Posted on 2022-04-04

In some situations, your application files can become inconsistent or even damaged due to missed updates or multiple installations.If your app crashes or doesn’t work correctly, this article will guide you step by step to resolve any possible issue through the following major steps: Update Google ChromeRepair installationRepair / Reinstall .N...

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Get Started

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Posted on 2022-02-11

Nothing can be easier than using Web Traffic Generator (WT). It’s just two simple steps: Type your website URL. Hit enter (or click Send Now) Just like that! Start watching the traffic in Google Analytics (or any other analytics platform) within 2 minutes, it should appear Everything went well?Great. This means that your website configured...

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