How to repair Microsoft .NET and inconsistent files

Posted on 2022-04-04 Updated on 2023-12-13

In some situations, your application files can become inconsistent or even damaged due to missed updates or multiple installations.

If your app crashes or doesn’t work correctly, this article will guide you step by step to resolve any possible issue through the following major steps:

  1. Update Google Chrome
  2. Repair installation
  3. Repair / Reinstall .NET 6

Please close your application before following the next steps

1- Update Google Chrome & MS Edge

  • Open Chrome browser.
  • Click the Kebab Menu (3-dots icon) at the top right corner >> Help menu >> About Google Chrome.

If you don’t have the latest version, wait until it finishes the update.

  • Relaunch Chrome.

Do the same with MS Edge:

  • Click the Kebab Menu at the top right corner >> Help and feedback menu >> About Microsoft Edge.
  • Wait until it finishes the update then Relaunch Edge.

Open your file explorer and navigate to the working folder:
C:/Program Files/SoftGateway/InMillion Web Traffic

Delete the following files:

  • chromedriver.exe
  • msedgedriver.exe

Launch your application and execute the Default Job

If something went wrong,  continue to the second step:

2- Repair installation:

  • On your keyboard, Press Windows key + R to open the Run dialog box
  • Type: appwiz.cpl then hit enter

  • From this window, look for the application name (i.e. InMillion Web Traffic), Right click then choose: Uninstall

  • When done, open your file explorer and navigate to the working folder:
    C:/Program Files/SoftGateway/InMillion Web Traffic

  • Delete all files. (It’s an important step)
  • Download the latest version of the application from your vendor page or directly from our website
  • Unpack the installation package you just downloaded (unzip).
  • Open "Setup.exe" file and run the installation.
  • Run the application and activate your license (Premium or Trial) then click on Send and Activate.
  • A Success message should appear, click OK button to close application.
  • Run it again and make the first test job like below:

Type your website URL then click on Send Now button. Just like that, nothing else.

If everything went well, you don't need to do anything else. Just continue to enjoy using our application 🙂 

If not, you may need to repair .NET 6 installation.

3- Repair / Reinstall .NET 6:

To repair or reinstall your .NET 6 package:

  • Go to this link on Microsoft
  • Scroll down until you see: .NET Desktop Runtime 6.x.xx

  • Download & run the appropriate package according to your system: Arm64, x64 or x86

After you repair .NET 6, it's recommended to restart your PC then run the application again and try the test job as we mentioned in the previous step. We assume the it will work correctly.

For any further help, please open a support ticket

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