Add optional web engines

Posted on 2023-08-31 Updated on 2023-09-06

IMA comes with a Built-in web engine that relies on and works with your current Google Chrome version. You can also add any Chrome engine as an extra browser to send your traffic from.

If you're a developer, you can implement your own browser from the open source Chromium page or use this ready-to-use one that is implemented from this source code and attach it to IMA by following the steps below:

👉 If you want to add your own implemented or another Chrome browser, move to step 4

  1. Click on Options menu then click on Download link
  2. You will be redirected to our download page. Download x64 or x86 version according to your system architecture type.
  3. Extract (unzip) the downloaded file anywhere on your hard disk
  4. Back to Options window then click on “open folder” button:

  5. Navigate to the folder that you just extracted and choose "chrome.exe"

  6. It will look like this, click on [Save & Close] Button.

 That's it 👌

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