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Posted on 2022-02-11 Updated on 2023-09-03

Nothing can be easier than using Web Traffic Generator (WT). It’s just two simple steps:

  1. Type your website URL.
  2. Hit enter (or click Send Now) Just like that!

Start watching the traffic in Google Analytics (or any other analytics platform) within 2 minutes, it should appear

Everything went well?
Great. This means that your website configured correctly and WT is updated to the latest version.
You can now customize your traffic with a ton of options through the main 4 tabs:
Settings, Links, Devices and Proxy or YouTube tab if you have its add-on.

I can't see the traffic in Google Analytics:
Here are the most popular reasons for undelivered traffic and how to solve it:

Possible reasons:

  1. Using free proxy. Know more about free proxy
  2. Using HTTPS protocol with a website which has no SSL certificate.
  3. Google Analytics is not configured correctly on your website. 
  4. Using an old version of WT


  1. From Proxy tab, choose: System Proxy
  2. Type your website URL with http protocol, for example:
  3. Know more of how to install Google Analytics
  4. Click on Update button and update WT to the latest version.


If you have tried all points mentioned above and you can’t see the traffic on Google Analytics, please do the following steps:

  • Start the application, if it’s running now please restart it (it’s an important step)
  • Type your website URL and hit enter.

Just like that, please don’t make any other settings, because it’s just a test.

Start watching the traffic in Google Analytics within five minutes, it should appear

If not, click on Project >> Save, and send the project file (.projwt) to our support

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