Proxy Deep Check

Posted on 2021-10-12 Updated on 2023-05-23

Checking process in our Proxy Module is more useful for the premium proxy lists, with the free lists we advise you to send visits without checking proxy, only download the proxy list and click Start Job! The reason is:

We're using a Deep Check mode to ensure that the proxy will be connected with any user, hosting server and GEO location.

Some of other software or websites determine whether the proxy is or not connected based on a short request time (200 millisecond).

IMA checks the proxy more deeply, it attach the proxy, send a request and waiting until the page start loading or for the timeout value (e.g. 6000 milliseconds).

In this way only we can ensure our traffic will behave exactly the Real Human Behavior.

Why it's recommended to send the free proxy without checking?

As mentioned in this article that any free proxy (known as open proxy) is open to public use, thousands of people around the world using it at the same moment with you, for this reason it’s usually unstable and die very fast.

When you run Check Process, IMA will check the whole proxies if are working at this moment and it will unselect the disconnected proxies.

When you start sending, it will attach each Checked (selected) proxy to a random visit and it will no longer using the unselected.

During the job time, one or more of these unselected proxies could become connected because it has been released from some other users who were using it when you checked it.

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