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Posted on 2021-10-25 Updated on 2024-06-14

InMillion App (IMA) gives you the ability to add unlimited proxies to your traffic. It’s recommended to use proxy to give each visit a unique attribute.

To know more about the available proxy options, please read this article

First, you need to understand how free proxy works or what's the general concept of free proxy.

Free Proxy Concept: Free proxy (known as open proxy) is open to public use, thousands of people around the world using it at the same moment with you, for this reason it’s usually unstable and die very fast. In other words: it works sometime but not always.

However, if you want to get free proxy lists from the internet, Google something like "free proxy list download" and you’ll find a ton of free proxies, you won’t know anything about it unless you sort, check and use it.

Auto Free:

There’s no action required by you, only choose this option and click Start Job.

We will get the best available free proxy for each visit as much as possible.

These proxies collected from third-party servers that are already public and open to public use, therefore, we can’t guarantee any proxy.

You don’t need to use this feature If you have premium proxy, but if you want to use free proxy lists, you have to spend a lot of time to search on the internet, check and sort.

Our job here is to do the same mission instead of you, our server constantly collecting free proxies, sorting, checking and choosing the fastest to attach it to your links. We just want to help you and save your time.

In conclusion:

  • If you see that it doesn’t working good, slow or even disconnected, please use your own free proxy list.
  • This is the result for a 100 visits job using "Auto Free", it delivered 34 visits. As we know, getting ~33% connected from a free list is the best possible result.
  • This figure below doesn’t mean that you will get 34 visitors for each 100 requests if you selected Auto Free option, it’s just an example. You may get 20, 60, 5 out of 100 or get nothing at all. Please note: this’s the main concept of how free proxies work in general, not only for our software.

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